About oversea shipping, Please check here.

2017年09月28日 20:10

Our oversea order service policy

We hope you understand. Our online program is not supported in english.

Please send email, if you are interested in our stock.

➡ info@tanzmusicrecords.com

Please describe the following items in that case.

1. Your real name
2. Shipping address, and Telephone or Fax number (which for confirmation of delivery)
3. Item information which you want to buy (item # / Artist name / Title / Qty)
4. Your E-mail address to send square invoice.

We will check and reserve in business hours what you want.

※We hope you understand, if your email is outside business hours, Orders using the homepage will take precedence.

All of the shipping oversea, Please agree to the following terms and conditions.

●Method of payment is only credit using square.(※1)
●Returns and refunds are impossible.(※2)
●The payment deadline is within one week since We sent square invoice.
●Please check yourself about tax and tariffs.


※1 The invoice will charge the price for only the item and shipping fee in Japanese yen.The withdrawal is converted at the exchange rate specified by the credit company you use and will be withdrawn in the local currency.

※2 Delivery tracking and delivery guarantee are possibe.and, You can check with the photograph before shipping.

If you agree to the above conditions, We will inform you total remittance amount including shipping cost.

Delivery method is Japan Post's service "EMS", "Airmail small packet" and "Economy Airmail(SAL) small packet".

At a later date, We will inform you the total calculation in the case each of "EMS", "Airmail small packet" and "Economy Airmail(SAL) small packet".

Please select way you want and tell.

※If you want check details of shipping fee, Please check here.



We will make the square invoice in the shipping method your seleted, and We send you via email.Please transfer the amount within one week.

How to Pay a Square Invoice

We will ship after confirm payment and send the tracking number via email.

The above is the order method. If you have any other questions, please contact us.

tanz music records
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Regular holiday : every Thursday
Tel : 010-81-0822996781
Fax : 010-81-0822996782