本日入荷 2019/09/20

2019年09月20日 20:37

本日入荷 2019/09/20

Hip Hop/Break Beats

Amerigo Gazaway/No Free Beats Ost/LP"/White(NOFREEBEATS)

Saucy Lady/Alien Nation & Orbit/7"/Star Creature(SC7039)

ATCQ vs Pharcyde/Bizarre Tribe/2lp"/White(BIZARRETRIBE)

Abase/Incocation/LP"/Cosmic Compositions(HHV788)

Submerse/See You Soon/LP"/Project Mooncircle(PMC169)

Sylford Walker, Mighty Two/Burn Babylon/7"/17 North Parade(VP9542)

Doug Shorts/Get With The Program, Heada or Tails/7"/Daptone(DAP1122)

Moonchild/Little Ghost/2lp"/Tru Thoughts(TRULP383)

Joe Armon-Jones/Turn To Clear View/LP"/Brownswood Recordings(BWOOD0207LP)

Joe Armon-Jones/Turn To Clear View/LP"/Brownswood Recordings(BWOOD0207LPC)

Debbie Jacobs/Don't You Want My Love/12"/Glittetrbox(GLITS011R)


Hnny/Hosoi/7"/Hosoi Recodings(HOSOI01)

Made In USA/Never Gonna To Let You Go/12"/De-Lite(PR65ED001)

Nicola Cruz/Cantos de Vision/12"/Multi Culti(MC030)

Kapote/Remix EP 2/12"/Toy Tonics(TOYT091)

Chicago Afro Beat Peoject/What Goes Up Remixed/12"/Future Rootz(FRZ001)

Mouse On The Keys/Star Down/10"/White(MOTKSO)

JTT/Yu-Zen EP 001/12"/Yu-Zen(YZ001)

Jig N' Hug, JTT/Two Faces EP/12"/Monkey Chop Record, Yu-Zen(MY001)

Techno/Dub Step

Babe Roots/Remixes EP/12"/Echocord(Echocord 083)

V.I.V.E.K/Different Sound ft. Dego Ranking/12"/System Sound(VIVEK001)

Surreal/Somnipath/12"/Navy Cut(NC011)