本日入荷 2017/05/02

2017年05月02日 22:14

本日入荷 2017/05/02

Hip Hop/Break Beats

Three Pieces & Johnny Hammond/First Tine Oa A45 Classics/7"/Mukatsuku(MUKAT051)

Nicola Cruz/Cantos de Vision/12"/Multi Culti(MC030)


Delano Smith ft. Diamondancer/A Message For The DJ/12"/Still Music(STILLM004)

Jase, Adam Stromstedt/Banoffee Pies Record Store Day 2/10"/Banoffee Pies Records(BPRSD002)

EMG/The Mother Funk/12"/The Trilogy Tapes(TTT048)

The Heartists/Belo Horizonti/12"/The Dub Records(THEDUB111)

Gorge/Leila Speaks EP/12"/8bit(8bit121)

Paul Woolford/Chaos/10"/Edible(EDIBLE009)

C++/I/o EP/12"/Music For Freaks(MFF15012)

Techno/Dub Step

Burnt Friedman/The Pestle/LP"/Latency(LTNC010)

Nino Nardini/Musique Pour Le Futur/LP"/We Release Whatever The Fuck We Want(WRWTFWW013)

Ulrich Schnauss & Jonas Munk/Passage/LP"/Azure Vista(vista001)