本日入荷 2016/06/28

2016年06月28日 16:14

本日入荷 2016/06/28

Hip Hop/Break Beats

Ocote Soul Sounds/A Pesar La Vida /7"/Wonderwheel(WONDER75)

Roland Bruno Y Su Qrquesta Midi/Supermercado Chino/7"/Names You Can Trust(NYCT7024)


Bosq/Tumbala EP/12"/Soulclap Records(SCR1221)

Bosq/Tumbala EP Remixes/12"/Soulclap Records(SCR1226)

Land of Light/Remixes-1/12"/ESP Institute(ESP009A)

Far Out Monster Disco Orchestra/Where Do Here We Go From?/12"/Far Out(FOMD013)

Wolf Muller & Cass/The Sound Of Glades/12"/International Feel(IFEEL054)

Todd Terje & The Olsens/This Big Cover-Up/2lp"/Olsen Records(OLS013)

Hodini/Puf!/12"/Ava Records(AVA.010)

Jack J/Looking Forward to You/12"/Mood Hut(MH007)

V.A./Kangaroo Sunset EP/10"/Blind Jack's Journey(BLND10.4)

Minako Yoshida/Midnight Driver/12"/Rh Store(RH-STORE JPN4)

Rick Wade/Your Strength EP/12"/Popcorn Records(PR-011)

Dos Attack/Flue Remixes/12"/Riverette(RVRT010)

Onirico/Stolen Moments/12"/Flash Forward(FFOR001)

Pineland/Grounded EP/12"/Archipel(ARCHPL030)

Nu Zau/Prispa Zorilor EP/12"/The Rabbit Hole(TRH008)

Petar Dundov/The Lattice/12"/Music Man(MM176)

Techno/Dub Step

Rush Plus/RPDC001/12"/Rush Plus(RPDC001)

Christian Fennesz & Jim O'rourke/It's Hard For Ne To Say I'm Sorry/LP"/Editions Mego(EMEGO221)

In Aeternam Vale, Bronze Teeth/Vernal Equinox Editon/12"/Khemia Records(K001)

Jeremy Greenspan & Borys/But Wait There's More/12"/Jiaolong(JIAOLONG018)