本日入荷 2015/06/23

2015年06月23日 18:15

本日入荷 2015/06/23

Hip Hop/Break Beats

Badboe/Ghetto Funk Testament/12"/Breakbeat Paradise(BBP106)

Scrimshire Edits/Margie Moves Mountains/7"/Dubplate(DP015)

Twilight/Luv n' Haight Edit Series Vol.8: Play My Game Remies/12"/Ubiquity(UR12347)

Moments/Sleep Won't Come/7"/Expansion Records(EX7004)


Gaznevada/I.C. Love Afair Exclusive 2015 Edition/12"/Italian Records(Exit0010)

The Unit/Ain't No Need/12"/Wildheart(WHR004)

V.A./She's A Super Lady/7"/Mellow Mellow Right On(MMRO006)

J-Zbel/How I Made My Mom & Sis Sexbot Slaves/12"/B.F.D.M(BFDM003)

Detroit Swindle/Nothing Else Matters/12"/Dirt Crew(DIRT061EXTRA)

Vilod/Safe In Harbour/2lp"/Perlon(PERLON105LP)

Herman Prime/Maajo/12"/Seaguil(GULL_1)

Techno/Dub Step

A Made Up Sound/Archive Ⅲ/12"/Clone Basement Series(CBS018)

Six Six Seconds/Tearing Down Heaven/10"/Blackest Ever Black(BLACKEST038)

The Leftovers/Usi e Costumi/12"/Marmo Music(MARM04)

Jab Jab/Remixes/12"/Black Mind(BLNK007)