本日入荷 2015/06/04

2015年06月04日 15:35

本日入荷 2015/06/04

Hip Hop/Break Beats

Reality Band And Show/Gangsterboy/7"/Anthens Of The North(ATH014)

Maffi/Killah Tape EP/12"/Jahtari(JTRLP17)

Roger Robinson/Dis Side Ah Town/LP"/Jahtari(JTRLP07)

The Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band/The New Sound Of Siam/12"/Studio Lam(SL 003)


Jay Daniel/School Dance EP/12"/Watusi High(WAT001)

C.Love/Gator Boots Vol.5/12"/Gator Boots(GB05)

Sonar's Ghost/Where Was I/12"/2000black(2035BLACK)

Toby Tobias/The Rising EP/12"/Delusions Of Grandeur(DOG44)

Boyd Jarvis/Stomp EP/12"/Echovolt Records(EVRE 003)

33.10.3024/Bura EP/12"/Second Circle(SC 003)

Minor Science/Whites 004/12"/Whitles(WHYT004)

Terron/Whities 003/12"/Whities(WHYT003)

Markus Sommer, Phil Evans/Strange Advise EP/12"/Sensual(sr05.5)

Nick Curly/Rack and Run EP/12"/8 Bit(8Bit092)

Matias Aguayo/El Rude Del House Round Three/12"/Comeme(Round Three)

Riccardo/Melody Haunts My Reverie EP/12"/Imprints(IMP005)

Sean Miller/Matter Of Time EP/12"/Ovum(OVM255)

V.A./Vinyl Ⅱ/12"/Cosmo Records(cosmo010.2)

Techno/Dub Step

V.A./Rome Barcelona 1.0/12"/Reclaim Your City(RYC002)

Disq Clash/Turbo Clash/12"/Twin Turbo(TT027)

The Advent & Industrialyzer/Industrial/12"/Kombination Research(KR090)

R&B/Edits/12"/Blueprint Limited(BPLTD006)

Rrose x Bob Ostertag/Motormouth Variations/2x12"/Eaux(EAUX-RE04)

Warlock/Seventeen Camels/12"/Kick + Clap, Because(BEC5156056)