本日入荷 2015/02/24

2015年02月24日 16:01

本日入荷 2015/02/24

Hip Hop/Break Beats

D'Angelo/At The Jazz Café/2lp"/White(B002022702LP)

Fulgeance & DJ Scienist/The Soviet Tape/LP"/First Word Records(FW129)

Dirty Burners/Propulsion/7"/RBMB(RBMB004)

Herma Puma/Killing Me/7"/Hero Records(HR016S)


Vin Sol/Off The Chain/12"/Clone Jack For Daze(CJFD23)


W+L Black/Jack Priest Eidts/12"/Wolf & Lamb(WLB16)

Paz Joaquin & Josh Stone/Special/12"/Low Budget(LOW3TMB001)

Nick Monaco/Mating Call/2lp"/Soul Clap(SCRLP01)

EM Vee/Em Vee Edits Vol.3/12"/Lumberjacks In Hell(LIH015)

Kito Jempere/Objects Remixes EP1/12"/Fata Morgana(FMORGANA 02)

Kuniyuki/Newwave Project #2/12"/Mule Musiq(Mule Musiq 183)

Thatmanmonkz/Won Hunnid EP/12"/Delusions Of Grandeur(DOG39)

V.A./Charite Ep/12"/Music For Dreams(ZZZV15002)

V.A./Q & D Vol 1 Royalty of Funk/12"/Queen & Disco(QD01)

Kw, UGFY/The Swan Song/12"/Nakayoshi Use Only(NUO004)

Royal Crown of Sweden/r.e.g.a.l.i.e.r repress/12"/Probito(PRB009)

Tzusing/A Name Out Of Place Pt.Ⅱ/12"/L.I.E.S.(LIES058)

Twice/Taste The Aroma/12"/Sounds Familiar(TW01)

Twice/Blackaroma Vol.7/12"/Blent It!(TCB01)

Cuthead/Presets of your Mind EP/12"/S3A Records(s3AREC003)

Monomite/Space Time Body & Soul/12"/Beat X Changers(BXC003)

J.M.F.G Edits/#3/12"/J.M.F.G(JMFG3)


Mzkbx/E2322 Space Capsule EP/12"/That Place(TPL002)

Tiger & Woods/Scoring Clubs Pt.1/12"/Editainment(TAIN16)

Stardub/The Dubadu Files/12"/Dubwax(dubwax005)

Arnaldo/With You By The Lake/12"/UntilMyHeartStops(UMHS 006)

Levon Vincent/Levon Vincent/4x12"/Novel Sound(NS-09)

Moratu/Mojar cu Pistil EP/12"/Olva(OLVA001)

Adriano & Chesz/It's Not Easy To Use/12"/Instruction(INST04)

Bodj/Miles High/12"/Ruis Label(RUIS004)


Barac & Vincentiulian/Theory EP/12"/Moment(MMNT001)

Techno/Dub Step

Cause and Effect Men/Schwarzgerat 0001/12"/Delft(Delft007)

V.A./Ich Hab Heute Leider Kein House Fuer Dich! Vol.2/12"/Credo(credo27)

Asusu/Serra EP/12"/Impasse(IMPASSE001)

Jasper Wolff & Maarten Mittendorff/Cosmic Language EP/12"/Indigo Aera(AERA010)

Ancient Methods vs Adam X/Cardiac Dysrhythmia/12"/Sonic Groove(SG1041-RE)