本日入荷 2015/01/13

2015年01月13日 15:59

本日入荷 2015/01/13

Hip Hop/Break Beats

Maghreban/Green Apple/12"/No Label(NOG001)

Floating Points/Nuits Sonores/12"/Eglo Records(EGLO41)

Jakki, Sounds Of inner City/You Are The Star/12"/West End(WES12101)

Sheriff Lindo/Aftershock Dubs/LP"/Em Records(EM1122LPX)

John Gibbs & The U.S. Steel Orchestra/Steel Funk/LP"/Em Records(EM1132LP)

John Gibbs & The U.S. Steel Orchestra/Trinidad Disco Mix/12"/Em Records(EM1128TEP)


Vick Lavender/The Real Things EP/12"/Sophisticado Records(SR05)

Beautiful Swimmers/Sleepyhead/12"/Peoples Potential Unlimited(PPU 066)

DJ Qu/Raw 7/12"/Stregth Music(SMR014)

Gay Marvine/Bath House Etiquette Vol.6/12"/Bath House Etiquitte(BHE-006)

No Regular Play/Too Dramatic/12"/Wolf + Lamb(WLM40)

V.A./Balearic Blah Blah Vol.2/12"/Balearic Blah Blah(BBB0002)

Seven Davis Jr/P.A.R.T.Y EP/12"/Apron(APRON09)

Jack J/Looking Forward to You/12"/Mood Hut(MH007)

Novio Dub Tribe/Taking It Back/12"/Rue De Plaisance(R2P015)

Volta Cab/My Own Sky/12"/Frole Records(FRLV007)

Round/Glass, float/12"/Hivern(Hivern 25)

Sueno Latino/Sueno Latino with Manuel Goettsching Perfroming E2-E4/12"/Dance Floor Corporation(DFC5506)

Ana Helder/Ana Helder/12"/Comeme(COMEME 008)

Q.V./Social Music/12"/Phonica White(PHINICAWHITE011)

Radio Slave/Children of The E/12"/Running Back(RB013)

Raresh/Vivaltu EP/2x12"/[a:rpia:r]([a:rpia:r]013)

※掲載商品Raresh/Vivaltu EPは予約販売で売り切れとなりました。次回の入荷は未定となります。

Techno/Dub Step

TB Arthur 3/12"/Test Pressing (72151)

V.A./MDR 14.1/12"/MDR(01401)

V.A./MDR 14.2/12"/MDR(01402)

Shackleton/Deliverance Series No.2/12"/Woe To The Septic Heart DS(01011)

V.A./Blue Merck/12"/Orbe(ORBE002)

Caribou/Your Love Will Set You Free C'2s Set Free Rmx/12"/Jialong(JIAOLONG014)

Raum.null/Belgrade Dubs 01/12"/Belgrade Dubs(Belgrade Dubs 01)

Roman Poncet/Walfisch/12"/Arts(ARTCOLLECTIVE003)