本日入荷 2014/11/18

2014年11月18日 16:59

本日入荷 2014/11/18

Hip Hop/Break Beats

Aurra x Dam Funk/Somebody/2x7"/Family Groove(FG7001-7002)

Da Lata/Free/7"/Agogo(AR082VL)

Nicola Conte/Nicola Conte Presents Viagem 3/10"/Far Out(OGW003)

Fulgeance & DJ Scientist/The Soviet Tape/LP"/First Word Records(FW129)

Bryan Ferry/Avonmore/LP"/BMG(538013701)

Prequel - Polite Strangers/Polite Strangers/12"/Rhym Section International(RS003)

Robert Glasper Experiment/Black Radio 2/2lp"/Blue Note(JZ130830-08)

Robert Glasper Experiment/Black Radio Recoverd: The Remix EP/12"/Blue Note(5099940482019)

Takuya Kuroda/Rising Sun/2lp"/Blue Note(602537858668 )


Soho/Earth People/12"/Classics(HP106)

Nicky Siano/A Nigrack Pt.1ndtht at the Gallery 1977 Pt.1/12"/Inspira Records(INS1972)

Nicky Siano/A Nigrack Pt.1ndtht at the Gallery 1977 Pt.2/12"/Inspira Records(INS1977)

Pender Street Steppers/Openin Up/12"/People's Potential Unlimited(PPU056)

Psychic Mirrors/Charlene/12"/People's Potential Unlimited(PPU055)

Uku Kuut & Maryn/Suggestive/12"/People's Potential Unlimited(PPU061)

Eli Escobar/Up All Night/2x12"/Night People NYC(NPUAND01)

MD/About/43 Miles EP/12"/Black Catalogue(BC012-202)

Reel Houze/Optimo Music Disco Plate Two/12"/Optimo Music(OMD 02)

Mark E/Avion EP/12"/Spectral Sound(Spectral 127)


Anonymous Edits/Vol 2/12"/Anonymous Edits(AE002)

Doc Daneeka ft. Seven Davis Jr/From Mine To Mistress EP/12"/Ten Thousand Yen(TTY014)

Jonathan Kusuma/Gong 3000 EP/12"/Cliché(Cliché 058)

Domenico Rosa/Things You Care About/12"/Imprint Records(IMP004)

Techno/Dub Step

The Durian Brothers/Das Macht Modern/LP"/Kontra Musik(KM036)

Anxur/Te Anxur Tales Vol.1/12"/Eerie(EE06)

Eomac/Spectre Remixes/12"/Killekill(Killekill 22)

Cowboy Rhythmbox/We Got The Box/12"/Phantasy Sound(PH41)

Barnt/His Name EP/12"/Hinge Finger(HINF8676)