本日入荷 2014/10/01

2014年10月01日 21:49

本日入荷 2014/10/01

Hip Hop/Break Beats

Gone Beyond/Facet #2/7"/Transfer Station(FACET2)

Electric Wire Hustle/Love Can Prevail/LP"/somethinksounds.(STSLP001)

Caribou/Our Love/12"/Jiaolong(JIAOLONG013)

The Harmonizers/Living In Misery aka Go Back Home/10"/Earth Sound(ES3)


Gunnar Haslam/Axia No Logos/12"/Delsin(DSR/C1)

Melja/Steady Mobbin/12"/Mister Saturday Night(MSN-011)

Pacific Horizons/Remixes EP#1/12"/Pacific Horizons(PWF010)

V.A./My House Is Not Your House/12"/Acido(71636)

The Waves & US/With Any Future/12"/Wolf & Lamb US(WLM 38)

Seven Davis Jr/Friends EP/12"/Classic(Classic)

Anthony Naples/Zipacon/12"/The Trilogy Tapes(TTT026)

V.A./Music For Dreams: Sunset Session #2/12"/Music For Dreams(ZZZV4001)

Max D/Drizzling Glass/12"/The Trilogy Tapes(TTT019)

Joel Hood/Gone/12"/International Feel(IFEEL032)

Jack J/Looking Forward to You/12"/Mood Hut(MH007)

Rick Wilhite/Vibes 2, Part 2/2lp"/Rush Hour(RHM 010.2)

Push/Pull/Bang The Drums/LP"/Rush Hour(RH RSS)

Tokyo Matt, Mori Ra & ANS/Balearico Cosmico Editsu/12"/Macadam Mambo(MME3003)

Trinidanian Deep/EP Ⅲ/12"/Neroli(NERO026T)

Fuckthegovemment/F.t.g And Friends/12"/Skylax(LAX138)

Yse Saint Laur'ant/Ladykillers EP/12"/Whiskey Disco(WD27)

Sly Mongoose/Snakes And Ladder/12"/Mule Musiq(Mule Musiq 005)

Man Power/Flaccid Trax/12"/Hivern(hvn22)

Henrik Bergqvist / About Computers/12"/Aniara Recordings(Aniara011)

Tom Ellis/Limited Volume 3/12"/Black Key(BKTTD003)

D'julz/Ze Box/12"/Robsoul(ROBSOUL140)

Vince Watson/Eon EP/12"/Bio Music(BIO030)

Terje Bakke/Urusov Gambit System EP/12"/Horse On Horse(HORSE003)

C2 vs FT/Luder Pre/12"/Er und Er(ERER02)

Gui Boratto/Abaporu/2lp+CD"/Kompakt(KM312)

Soft Touch Clarian/Is There Light At The End/10"/Soft Touch(ST 001)

Techno/Dub Step

Prostitutes/Nouveauree/12"/Night School(LSSN025)

Basic Channel/Q-Loop/12"/Basic Channel CD(00205)

TB Arthur/1/12"/Test Pressing 1(03253)

TB Arthur/2/12"/Test Pressing 2(23184)

Marcel Dettmann/Let's Do It/12"/MDR(51837)

Fis/Speech Spirits/12"/Loopy(XXOLPY1)

Unknown/The Stitch-UP/12"/The Stitch-UP(STITCHUP000)

Mariano DC/Stiletto/12"/Infrastruture New York(INF-015)