本日入荷 2014/04/08

2014年04月08日 18:26

本日入荷 2014/04/08

Hip Hop/Break Beats


Sola Rosa/Promise/7"/Agogo Records(AR058VL)

Savages Y Suefo/Remix EP/12"/Agogo Records(A066VL)

V.A./Puro Show/7"/Names You Can Trust(NYCT7016)

La Mecanica Popular/La Mecanica Popular/LP"/Names You Can Trust(NYCTLP02)

Gamertag/You Don’t Know Me/12"/All City Dublin(ACO3x12)


Black Coffe/Superman/12"/White Label(BC01)

Matt Karmil/Say You/12"/Beats In Space Records(BIS-014)

Ghost Town/Riverrun & All The Way/12"/Ghost Town(GHOSTTOWN008)

V.A./Ten Years of Phonica Sampler One/12"/Phonica(PHONICA012)

Man Friday Feat Larry Leavan/Real Love/12"/Nite Grooves(KNG265)

Juice Belushi/Soul Clap Pres. Gator Boots Vol.3/12"/Gator Boots(GB03)

A Race Of Angels/Just Begin/12"/Wildheat(WH002)

Michael Wolski/Blank Slate 006/12"/Blank Slate(BLANKSLATE006)

Seven Davis Jr/P.A.R.T.Y EP/12"/Apron(APRON09)

Dapayk Solo/Keepin It Real/12"/DPK(DPK12)

Carisma/Directamente/12"/Comeme(Comeme 025)

Kjofol/Chemin Des Cretes/12"/Ygrok(YGROK001)

V.A./Saved 100 Sampler 4/12"/Saved(SAVED100.4)

Avalon Emerson/Church of SoMa/12"/Sprong Theory(ST001)

Unknown/Unknown/12"/Cameltoe(CAMEL 1)

Santos/Macroscope EP/12"/Dissonant(DS021)

Techno/Dub Step

Garnier/AF 4302 EP/12"/50 Weapons(50WEAPONS034)

Sven Weisemann/Whatever It Is EP/12"/Just Another Beat(70375)

Cleric/Pattern EP/12"/Figure(figure053-6)

J Tijin/ILGD/12"/Overlee Assembly(OA003)

Miles & Andrea/Drop The Vowels/12"/Modren Love(Love 094 LP)

DJ Rashad/Rollin EP/2x12"/Hyperdub(HDB070)

Erol Alkan/Illumination Remixes Pt.1/12"/Phantasy Sound(PH32RMX1)

Fripp & Eno/Evening Star/LP"/Panegyric(DGMLP2)

Fripp & Eno/No Pussyfooting/LP"/Panegyric(DGMLP1)

Metris/Doorman In Formant/12"/Fifth Wall Records(5WALL010)

Voices From The Lake/Velo Di Maya/12"/The Bunker New York(BK 003)

Karim Sahraoui/Enternal Life EP Part 1/12"/Transmat(MS 200)

Eduardo De La Calle/Somebody Has To Lose/12"/Red Point Alert(RPA001)

Edit Select/Phlox/2lp"/Prologue Music(PRGLP006)

V.A./Bashxx1/12"/Bangers & Ash(BASHXX1)