本日入荷 2019/11/19

2019年11月19日 20:56

本日入荷 2019/11/19

Hip Hop/Break Beats

Mako & Mr Bristow/Stank Soul Edits Vol.5/7"/Breakbeat Paradise(BBP170)


V.A./Correcciones Calypso/12"/Calypso(CC 002)

V.A./Palma Mira, Finale/12"/Ethbo(ETHBO15)


Calm/By Your Side Remixes Pt.2/12"/Hell Yeah(HYR7203)

F-on & Utzi/Downbeat Black Label 04 Part1/12"/Downbeat Black Label(DOWNBEATBLACKLABEL04.1)

Glenn Underground/Man On Fire/12"/Groovin' Recordings(GR-1257)


Sueno Latino W.Maniel Goettsching Perfo/Sueno Latino/12"/DFC(DFC5523)

Audio Werner/On A Different Note/3xLP"/Sushitech(SUSH 42)

Techno/Dub Step

Timeline/Forever Forward EP/12"/4Evr 4Wrd(4ER-001)


本日入荷 2019/11/15

2019年11月15日 19:21

本日入荷 2019/11/15

Hip Hop/Break Beats


Bibio/WXAXRXP Session TX:2/12"/Warp(WARPLP300-2)

Flying Lotus/Maida Vale Session/12"/Warp(WARPLP300-4)

Techno/Dub Step

Aphex Twin/Peel Session 2 TX:10/04/95/12"/Warp(WARPLP300-1)

Boards Of Canada/Peel Session 2 TX:21/07/98/12"/Warp(WARPLP300-3)


本日入荷 2019/11/12

2019年11月13日 00:30

本日入荷 2019/11/12

Hip Hop/Break Beats

Keith Hudson/Flesh Of My Skin Blood Of My Blood/LP"/Basic Replay(BRATRALP1005)

White Mice/It's A Shame/7"/Basic Replay(BRWM1)

Augustus Pablo/The Sun/10"/Dug Out(DO-GC01)

White Mice/Youths Of Today/7"/Basic Replay(BRWM2)

Little John and Billy Boyo/What You Want To Be/12"/Dug Out(DORI003)

Foxy Brown/Love Is Where You Find It/7"/Dug Out(DOPO8219)

Prince Jazzbo/Replay Version/12"/Basic Replay(BRUJ001)

Gregory Isaacs, Ken Boothe/Dealing, Memories/12"/Basic Replay(BROB1)

Anthony Red Rose/Electric Chair/7"/Dug Out(DODS1)

Gregory Isaacs/Nobody Knows/7"/Dug Out(DO-BG01)

Myth/Play With Me/7"/Athens Of The North(ATH080)


Ocean Youth Club/Divided Self/12"/Hivern Discs(HVNX-900)

Electro Force/Getting High/12"/303 Records(30307)

Tomi Chair/Cold Days EP/12"/TC White(TCW2)

Even Tuell /Workshop 27/12"/Workshop(WORKSHOP27)

Adana Twins/Offline EP/12"/Tau(tau010)

RS/Between Time And Rhythm/2lp"/Sublimate(SBLM801)

Kai Kan/Khora/12"/Kaikan(Kaikan001)

Priku/Slow Dance EP/12"/Rora(RORA019)

Aron/Lights EP/12"/Bleu Ciel(BLEUCUEL009)

Techno/Dub Step

TCP/Past Futuristic Dubs/12"/Certain:Dubs(DUBS002)

Marcus Anbessa/Tonia Test/12"/The Most Hight(THEMOSTHIGH010)

Justice & Metro/Special Projects/12"/Modern Urban Jazz(MJAZZ22)

Leif/Igam-Ogam EP/12"/Livity Sound(LIVITY037)

Pugilist & Sub Basics/Reflections/12"/Temple of Sound(TOS003)

Unknown Artist/Fever, Royal Blue/12"/Rarefied(RAREBLK3)

Don't DJ/Gammellan/12"/Berceuse Heroique(BH029)

Jay Glass Dubs/Nyx EP/12"/Berceuse Heroique(BH061)


本日入荷 2019/11/06

2019年11月06日 22:06

本日入荷 2019/11/06

Hip Hop/Break Beats

Nina Atsuko/Play Room/LP"/Studio Mule(Studio Mule 26 LP)

Jorge Navarro/First Time On A 5: Argentina Funk Special/7"/Mukatsuku(MUKAT066)

Amber Mark/Conexao/12"/Art Work Attached(VST2166)

Escort/City Life/7"/Escort Records(ESCRT025)


Jonathan Kusuma/Homesick #7/12"/Homesick(HMSK 007)

Project Pablo/Inside Unsolved/12"/Spectral Sound(SPC-143)

Ryo Kawasaki & Satellites/Electric World/12"/Studio Mule(Studio Mule 25)

Voodoo Sound Club/Afroderrick EP/12"/MGMS(MGMS02)

Jamiroquai/Cosmic Girl /12"/Le Edits(DFP004)

Ancestral Voices/Samhain EP/12"/The Fifth Kingdom(SPORE002)

Danny Krivit/Edits by Mr. K/12"/Defected(DFTD584)

O'Flynn/Aletheia/2x12"/Silver Bear Recordings(BEARLP001)

Dan Shake/Berts Groove/12"/Sulta Selects Silver Service(SSSS-4)

A Psychic Yes/Maze Dream EP/12"/Kalahari Oyster Cult(OYSTER18)

Various Artists/Dancefloor Detonators Vol.1/12"/Invisible, Inc(INVINC23)

Local Artist /Touch Tone/12"/Mood Hut(MH024)

Shan, Glowing Palms/Africa Seven Prs. A7 Edits Volume 3/12"/A7 Edits(A7E003)

Techno/Dub Step

Tera Octe/Dusselcore/7"/Boosterpack(BOOST001)

Gonno & Nick Hoppner/Lost/12"/Ostgut Ton(O-Ton 124)

Itinerant Dubs/It's Magic/12"/Itinerant Dubs(ID-008)

Pom Pom/Pom Pom LTD 5/LP"/Pom Pom(POMPOMLTD5)

Natty, Mala & Benjamin Zephaniah/World & Sound/12"/Not On Label(I&I003)


本日入荷 2019/11/01

2019年11月01日 18:47

本日入荷 2019/11/01

Hip Hop/Break Beats

Ernest Ranglin/Be What You Want To Be/LP"/Emotional Rescue(ERC 083)

Mad Man Jaga/Wakabout/LP"/Dig This Way(DTW003)

Tyree Glenn Jr./Jealous Love/7"/Tramp Records(TR272)

Carlton Jumel Smith & Cold Diamond & Mink/I'd Better/7"/Timmion(TR736)

Jeen Bassa/All My People/12"/22a(22A005)


Cody Currie & Joel Holmes/New Chapter/12"/Toy Tonics(TOYT103)

Rip Swiri/9teen90/12"/Public Possession(PP032)

Tommy Vicari Jnr/Over And Over And Over pt. 1+2/12"/Ground Service Records(GROUND004)

Techno/Dub Step

Two Shell/Access EP/12"/Livity Sounds(LIVITY036)

Revert Project/Resonate EP/12"/Jedi Recordings(JEDI025)


Unknown Artist/Tribulation Dub/12"/Dreadz(DREADZ002)